Machine and Waterjet Cutting

Vetrerie Dal Pian performs both straight and shaped cutting of panels using automatic, digitally controlled benches. Operations are optimised by means of special software whose objective is to reduce waste to a minimum, thereby enabling costs to be reduced. Precision cutting is guaranteed by the use of diamond-tipped glass cutters. These tools are constantly lubricated to guarantee efficiency and precision. The cut glass panels undergo manual break-out by one of our specialised workers.

Laminated glass sheets are cut on both the upper and the under sides, while the polymer film bonding together the two (PVB or EVA) sheets is cut using a cutter, with the aid of a resistor which dissolves the PVB enabling the cut to be opened.
For the ParallelGlass collection, we process the individual sheets before laminating and obviously before tempering heat treatment and/or HST.
The product then undergoes edge polishing and/or various heat treatments, and if necessary lamination operations and decoration (silk screen printing, painting, etc…).

Waterjet cutting
As well as two cutting benches (one for monolithic and one for laminated glass), Vetrerie Dal Pian also features abrasive waterjet cutting technology, which represents an excellent solution enabling shapes and outlines to be cut that would otherwise be impossible using other methods, and at reasonable cost.