Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is an enamelling and decorating procedure. It represents the jewel in the crown of Dal Pian’s production, as still today much of this procedure is carried out using traditional craftsmanship, which guarantees outstanding aesthetic results. Technically it consists of applying a layer of enamel using a special frame (known as a serigraph), made of extremely fine, even nylon or polyester fabric stretched over an aluminium or metal frame.
The fabric is then impressed with a negative (film) and the tiny holes in the fabric are closed using special substances (light-sensitive gelatines) to create an image.

In the free parts, the printing colour passes through the minute holes between the threads in the weave and are deposited on the surface to be printed. This technique allows only one colour at a time to be deposited on the surface.
After silk screen printing, Vetrerie Dal Pian tempers the product to vitrify the colours used for the decoration and also to guarantee the safety of the glass.
By using ceramic enamels the glass can be tempered at the end of the procedure, which means the colours are also hardened thereby guaranteeing greater stability and resistance to abrasion (scratches, etc…).