For Vetrerie Dal Pian, listening to the customer’s requirements does not mean passively carrying out the processes required at the lowest possible cost; rather it means evaluating together the combination – and not the mere compromise - of precision, punctuality, quality and a common sensitivity in defining the final features of the product.
All material processing takes place bearing in mind both function and final aesthetic effect to be achieved. This is what spurs us on to continuously improve the finishes, source state-of-the-art materials, as well as offer products that can be customised and “tailor-made”.

Our know-how – together with the experience we have gained working side by side with interior designers – enables us to be consistently proactive and not just manufacturers, in our relations with product managers, designers and planners, buyers and all those who are involved in some way in finalising the end product.
This is why Dal Pian glass is never just glass, but something more.