Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is produced by sandwiching a layer of plastic (PVB – polyvinyl butyral or EVA - ethylene vinyl acetate films) between two or more sheets of float glass, under the combined effect of heat and pressure. This procedure gives the glass special safety features. Indeed, if it breaks on impact, the plastic sheet retains the glass fragments.
By varying the number of plies and plastic interlayers, a vast range of laminated glass products can be created able to cater for all levels of safety and protection of people and goods.

If violently struck, laminated glass may crack though it is highly unlikely it would be pierced. This guarantees exceptional levels of resistance; to further increase safety, two toughened glass sheets can be bonded. Laminated glass can also be coloured in a variety of shades for use in situations where privacy is required, making it suitable for use in a wide range of different settings.
Depending on customer requirements, Vetrerie Dal Pian is able to assemble special types of laminated glass to cater for any aesthetic and performance requirements.